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Balthazar the Seer


Product Description

Balthazar the Seer came from a long line of talented wizards… Balthazar and Arinal the Keeper of Magic together form a powerful pair that can call upon the earth magics of olde.

The legends tell of a Great White Rabbit that fell through a hole and ended up in Geründerland, even though he was certain he should be somewhere else… in time he created the race of the Baralizar. Many are the enemies of the Baralizar and few their friends but those that are friends are held in high esteem.

As a humanoid rabbit, Balthazar the Seer is eminently suitable for other role playing games such as Gamma World, Bunnies & Burrows and Burrows & Badgers.

The figure is supplied without base.

Please Note:
We supply all gaming figures unpainted.
The models may contain small parts and also may require assembly.
It is important to realise white metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead so consequently they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.


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