The Tenoch

The Tenoch came from the stars it was told. How else could they have appeared without legend or warning? They swam through the corridors of space it was said in vessels of crystal obsidian. The Tenoch ate only the first born of virgin daughters of the priesthood we were told. The priests forbade us to talk of them and so we did.

Often would I ponder the malice of these creatures, these web footed caricatures of the beasts of the Culhuacan swamps. I see you, you of the other side. I hear you, your feet make impressions on the water. I smell you, oh befouler of air. We move with swiftness, with caution, with breath held hard and pray to the Ikree that we reach your eggs. I see you, oh old one. You tremble not as your sight is impaired by the passage of time. You shudder though, as if the cold is weapon of its own. Do you hear us? You make no impression on the void. Now we take back our young. Now you feel the kiss of my obsidian. Is that pain that registers across your face, your strange, alien visage? No man shall partake of your flesh, no child shall fall again beneath your scythe. Now we take our children back. You do not stop us; your breath has ceased. Your sight is no more. A dull glow, perhaps a sign. We leave. The yolk of your eggs stain the temple floor. The centre once great, now lost to us. The children whimper beneath their new skulls. Your skulls. Your eggs. No more children for your slain. To take our children. We feast upon our own, not the flesh of your offspring. The children will change, we know.

We have experience now. We have fear still but now we have knowledge of your ways. You Tenoch shall not this world inhabit for the aeons that our sisters have. With the knowledge of the Ikree we have you. Slowly shall we rejoice in the taking back of the lands of the Culhuacan.

We dream the dream of the old ones once more. The old ones know you. Praise to the Ikree, may her womb be fertile once more. We shall send her rivers of bloods. The old ways for the old ones.

The Tenoch are highly suitable for use in John Wombat’s Shadows of centralis ruleset as Followers of the Eye. More details below.

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An excellent selection of Tenoch/Khamaí are now available from the Hermit Inn over in Japan;
and in the USA a growing selection from Ral Partha Legacy;

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