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Dead God on Palanquin – The Dead God is worshipped by the Tenoch who will gladly die in its honour. These creatures came from the stars and found the God slumbering and in pieces, a vanquished creature from an earlier time. It sits awaiting blood offerings from his supplicants.

The Dead God was sculpted by Kev Adams. The throne was sculpted by Philip Page. All suitable for Oldhammer gaming and collecting.

This set comes as a 4 piece kit consisting of 2 Enhanced Warriors, the Palanquin (hands attached) and the Dead God itself being cast in resin.

No bases are included.

Please Note:
We supply all models in The Tenoch range unpainted.
The Palanquin set is a relatively complex piece to put together and requires a degree of modelling skill. When I make the set I attach the Enhanced Warriors to the Palanquin first then glue the slottas to a base. This involves some bending of the hands to fit the eunuch figures. The slottas do not fit flat and so I build up the filler around them. Once this is dry I undercoat before moving on to painting. It’s a little fiddly however the results are worth it. The Dead God should be washed to remove any mould residue before undercoating etc.

White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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