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Overlord on Palanquin – comes as a 4 piece kit consisting of 2 Enhanced Warriors, the Palanquin (hands attached) and the Overlord.

No base or chain is included.

Please Note:
We supply all models in The Tenoch range unpainted.
The Palanquin set is a relatively complex piece to put together and requires a degree of modelling skill. When I make the set I attach the Enhanced Warriors to the Palanquin first then glue the slottas to a base. The slottas do not fit flat and so I build up the filler around them. Once this is dry I undercoat before moving on to painting. It’s a little fiddly however the results are worth it. The Overlord can be painted separately before being attached. It’s worth bending his feet (very slowly!) until you get a perfect fit. The cast is quite delicate where the head feather meet the helmet. I have pinned a couple of these already so you may receive one that has already been repaired.
White metal miniatures are not toys and may contain lead.

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