Followers of the Eye 300 Point Army


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Shadows of Centralis author, John Wombat, has come up with a 300 point Followers of the Eye list using our  Kev Adams’ sculpted Tenoch. Bought separately, this army would come in at just over £240 but now, along with a copy of the first edition rulebook, it will be available for just £200.

With a unique slant on fantasy and science fiction tropes, and providing richly detailed background stories, Shadows of Centralis is an immersive strategy wargame which offers players the opportunity to field a range of different armies. From the nightmarish Undead, resurrected from peaceful slumber by foul necromancy, to the pious Konstrato Empire, from the barbarous Yalif hordes to the technologically advanced Lords, in total, there are fifteen different armies to choose from.

Details of the Followers of the Eye are on John’s website;

Followers of the Eye




Warrior Prince on Timurlengia                                              TB5 Beast Rider Champion


Warrior Champion (Battle Standard)                                    T6 Chapter Command with Banner Pole

Monitor-man Musician                                                             TC1 Tenoch Musician with Drum Slave

Magic Users

Tegu Shaman                                                                               T13 Tenoch Shaman, Priest of the Dead God

Tegu Shaman on Timurlengia                                                 TB4 Tenoch Shaman, Priest of the Dead God

Foot Troops

Monitor-men Warriors – unit of 10                                        Tenoch Warriors (various)

Monitor-men Warriors – unit of 10                                        Tenoch Warriors (various)

Toad-men Archers – unit of 5                                                  Tenoch Younglings (various)

Toad-men Archers – unit of 10                                                Tenoch Younglings (various)

Monitor-man Slave Master and Slaves                                  T5 Tenoch Champion and 5 Enhanced Warriors

Mounted Troops

Monitor-men Warriors on Timurlengia (5)                          Beast Rider Warriors (various)

Total of 300 points, consisting of 51 models.

Extra Tenoch unit builders are available at a discount here. This allows you to build larger groups to field on the battlefield.

This set is suppled without bases.

Tochlings, suitable for base decoration, are available here.

Bases for the infantry are available here.

Due to the cost of overseas postage, this is currently a UK only deal. The Tenoch will shortly be available from Ral Partha Legacy in the USA.

Please Note:
We supply all models unpainted.
Some models contain small parts and require assembly. 
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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