Earth Shaker – The Combat Platform


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Earth Shaker – The Combat Platform. The vibrations in the ground often give the enemies of the Tenoch good reason to flee… the Earth Shaker has been pulled from the depths of the Culhuacan swamps and trained from birth to follow the Tenoch and only them – even the Enhanced Warriors troops live in fear of these beasts as they have been purposely kept in their thrall… The Elite Warriors are carried onto the battlefield allowing them to rain death on those below. The roadways of the Tenoch, those that they found when they fell from space in past aeons, have been mostly reinforced to allow travel across the empire by these beasts. The Tenoch Mahout controls the lumbering beast with consummate skill, having been imprinted to the creature since its birth.

The Tenoch figures were sculpted by Kev Adams and the howdah set by Philip Page.  The triceratops figure is manufactured by the German company, Shleich.

The Triceratops can be purchased separately here;

This set contains 9 Tenoch, two sets of fighting crew and the Mahout. The triceratops is in plastic, the Tenoch miniatures in white metal and the howdah set is cast in resin. 4 wire spears will be included which can be cut to size using snippers. Be aware these spears are sharp! The set also includes two white metal banner poles to be placed at the rear.

All suitable for Oldhammer gaming and collecting.

Please Note:
We supply all models in The Tenoch range unpainted and without bases.
 The resin howdah components should be washed to remove any mould residue before fitting it together using superglue or similar. Some cleaning up may be required before construction (do a dry run first to ensure you end up with a good fit) and moving on to undercoating etc.
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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