T17 Tenoch Warrior with Pike and Shield


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This Tenoch warrior (one casting) is designed to be used in units on the field of battle or from the roofs and balconies of the upcoming building range. He is a 2nd rank pike, designed to stand behind T16. Note the addition of a Tochling to the base of one… these infant Tenoch secrete hallucinogenic pheromones that the adult Tenoch will often indulge in before battle. Not for the squeamish to look upon as, once the battle lust engulfs, the Tenoch will often rip their offspring to pieces in their frenzied search for enhanced fighting capabilities. Tenoch under the influence of these hallucinogens gain strength in their attack and a short lived invulnerability to pain, often seeing them crawling towards the enemy even though their limbs have been rendered almost useless. Dependant on the ruleset being used, a dice roll can decide whether or not the Tenoch, once in the grips of the fevered berserk frenzy, will turn upon his own troops.

Tenoch unit builders are available at a discount here. This allows you to build larger groups to field on the battlefield.

Please note that these wire pikes are sharp and should be handled with due care and attention. They can, of course, be clipped to length and used as spears or javelins instead.

This Tenoch Warrior is supplied without a base.

Tochlings are available here.

Bases, such as the one they are shown in the images are available here.

Please Note:
We supply all models unpainted.
Some models contain small parts and require assembly. 
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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