T19 Tenoch Warriors with Pike


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Tenoch warriors with pike are designed to be used in units either from the roofs and balconies of the building range or from the back of creatures such as the Earth Shaker Combat Platform;


Placing them at an angle on built up bases would allow them to fight on the battlefield as well.

Tenoch unit builders are available at a discount here. This allows you to build larger groups to field on the battlefield. You would receive five of each variant when purchasing this way.

These Tenoch Warriors with pike are supplied without bases.

This code is for one of each warrior, each supplied with a 100mm steel pike (very sharp!)

Tochlings, suitable for adding to scenic bases, are available here.

30mm round, lipped bases are available here.

Please Note:
We supply all models unpainted.
Some models contain small parts and require assembly. 
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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