Cultists – these anonymous individuals can range from the lowest of the low to… well, even lower. They always hunt or fight in groups as individually they run scared. Malice has brought these creatures from the furthest reaches of Geründerland in order to consolidate her recent gains… the Cultists and Card Soldiers are sworn enemies.

These miniatures are available for a limited time. I bought a good amount a few years ago when a company was stopping producing them but now realise they would make great foes for the armies of the Red Queen and Alice. The figures require cleaning up and assembly using superglue or similar along with some filling around the joints. They look great once finished but do take some time and effort. The Palanquin is especially fiddly as these pieces are wont to be… The cultists are available in sets of 5 for £7.50, the Palanquin set is £15 so to order that please purchase two units and leave a note! Two separate head types are currently available, Cthulhoid Cultist or Human Cultist,  (the Plague Doctor Cultist has now sold out) – please specify which ones you would like. There are also 5 different weapon types – Rifle armed, Truncheon armed, Sci Fi armed, Pulpy / Magic armed or Machine Gun armed. Again, please specify what you would like. Whilst stocks last I can supply a mixed lot if you’d prefer.

5 different Cultist – remember to choose weapon and head variant – £7.50

Palanquin Set – remember to choose head variant – £15 (add 2 units@£7.50 and specify the set).

The figures are supplied without bases.

Please Note:
We supply all gaming figures unpainted.
The models may contain small parts and also may require assembly / some cleaning up with a file / craft knife.
It is important to realise white metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead so consequently they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.


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