Corbyn, Bringer of Equality


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Jeremy Corbyn as a Politico Caricature – do you need to right social wrongs? Put society back on its feet? Create a world of peace and harmony where people can actually support each other? Be prepared to be stabbed in the back by your own party though! Maybe stand as an independent? Do you apologise for made up lies? The choice is yours but remember, in the game of Politicopoly, you need to trust no-one! If this sound like you then this is the miniature you need!

Jeremy Corbyn – a politico caricature sculpted by that Oldhammer sculpting genius Bob Olley.

Politicos – caricatures of well known politicians new and old. Each figure is approximately 30mm in height.

Please Note:
We supply all Politicos gaming figures unpainted and without bases.
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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