Noggin’s Army


This set contains eight different Nog soldiers, including two mounted, cast in white metal and supplied unpainted.

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Noggin’s Army

Noggin’s Army consists of eight mighty Nogs, sworn to the service of Noggin and Nooka. They can represent his Royal Guard of course to save everyone from Nogbad and his crows. Six foot soldiers and two mounted, they are obviously out of practice as the only problems ever seem to be supplied by Nogbad! Noggin finds lots of other jobs for them to do and ensures they don’t get up to their own mischief like chasing bears! The army can, of course, be expanded by the Standard Bearer and the Dozing Guards or even the soldiers from the Sagas boxed set.

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Please Note:
We supply all Noggin the Nog gaming figures unpainted.
The models may contain small parts and also may require assembly.
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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