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Sad Do, Deserted Warrior


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Product Description

Saddam Hussein caricature – one of our Politico sculpts of well known politicians new and old.

Feel the need to bounce the petro dollar? Need to expand your empire? If so then you’re not alone and this miniature is for you. Tread carefully as the man is watching… maybe get together with other nations first… easier said than done of course. Don’t have weapons of mass destruction? No matter, they can be looked for anyway…

The miniatures are supplied in bare metal without bases allowing you to customise to your heart’s content. Each figure is approximately 30mm in height.

This Saddam Hussein caricature was sculpted by Bob Olley.

Please Note:
We supply all Politicos gaming figures unpainted.
The models may contain small parts and also may require assembly.
White metal miniatures are not toys and may contain lead.

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