Soulslayer & Liche



The Soulslayer & Liche were creatures of aeons past that belonged to that different time but then, what was time to a land of crossroads like Geründerland? The Soulslayer is a creature of prodigious magical power whist the Liche, although powerful in itself, cowers before the might of its master.

Choose from either the Soulstealer, the Liche or pick them both together.

The enslaved Vermin can be found below;

The figures are supplied without bases – the Soulslayer is flat based and the Liche has a plug suitable for adding to whatever base. style you prefer. Separate bases are available over in the Emporium of Miscellany.

Please Note:
We supply all gaming figures unpainted.
The models may require some cleaning up with a file / craft knife.
It is important to realise white metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead so consequently they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.


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Soulslayer & Liche

Soulslayer, Liche, The Pair

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