The Priest of No God



The Priest of No God…




The Priest of No God had awoken, like Napoleon, on the shores of Geründerland. The voices in his head kept him sane he believed. ‘There is No God but my God’ came the chant… he gibbered occasionally and drooled rather a lot but No God was his God. A perfect priest for a new religion. His quest now was to find converts and ensure their descent into his own madness.

The miniature is perfect for use in the Osprey book ‘The Silver Bayonet’ – a skirmish wargame of Gothic Horror game set during the Napoleonic wars. Available from Amazon here (link will open in a new window).

This Priest of No God was sculpted by Stephen Blanche, with the work in progress paintwork by myself… the slowest painter in the known world. He comes with his gothic cross and a 40mm (approx) length of steel wire. His hand and the cross are pre drilled.

There are various bases suitable for him here;

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