Altar of the Dead



This hefty resin altar (weighing in at 127g) can have a multitude of uses within the cities of the lost empire that the Tenoch have inherited.

It is approximately 38mm high by 115mm long and 45mm deep.


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Altar of the Dead – The Ruins of the Dead were found by the first Tenoch in times past. Within their depths they came across the Dead God and were enslaved to his will from then forth. Tenoch (and other creatures) are often found exploring these lost places in search of ancient knowledge and technology that they themselves have lost. The lost empire’s roadways cross the Culhuacan swamps and allow for ease of troop transport and expansion plans. These Footpaths allow you to connect the temple fronts together or to traverse swamped areas allowing for easy access to the inlands.

The altar piece is approximately 38mm high by 115mm long and 45mm deep and cast in solid resin, weighing in at 127g.

There are three main temple buildings in this range of resin sculpts, along with the large altar and walkways allowing the building of small towns to large cities. Many of the pieces are interchangeable allowing you to create variants across the gaming table.

The Ruins of the Dead range is hand sculpted by the inimitable Philip Page of Slug Industries (

Dead Temple 1 and 2 are approximately 250mm to the rooftops.
Dead Temple 3 is approximately 180mm to the rooftop.
The walkway/road sections are approximately 37mm high by 155mm long and 118mm deep.
The two variant Stupas are approximately 29mm and 40mm high.

Due to the weight of these pieces, the option of free postage does not apply.

Please Note:
We supply all models in the range unpainted.
The resin components should be washed to remove any mould residue before fitting it together using superglue or similar. Some cleaning / sanding will be required before construction (do a dry run first to ensure you end up with a good fit) and moving on to undercoating etc. Window / door openings are cast with a thin film of resin over so this will need to be chipped out.


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