Hell Hounds


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Hell Hounds are creatures of folklore and myth across many pantheons. From Cerberus guarding the gates of Hell to the Cadejo that stalks South American travelers, Hell Hounds vary greatly in size and power. AD&D stats for Cerberus show;

Frequency: Unique

No. Appearing: 1

Armor Class: 1

Move: 24″

Hit Dice / Points: 30 per head, 100 for the body

% in lair: 99%

Treasure Type: Nil

No of Attacks: 3

Damage/Attack: 3-30/3-30/3-30

Special Attacks: See below

Special defenses: Regeneration

Magic Resistance: 25%

Intelligence: Very

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Size: L (30′)

Psionic Ability: Nil

Attack/Defence Modes: Nil

Level/XP:  Value: X/26,240

This beast is always found guarding the doorway to the House of Hades. It is a monstrous dog with 3 mastiff heads and a huge body. He not only keeps beings out, he keeps them in, and cannot be magicked away from his post by any force.

Each head bites for up to 3-30 points; the middle head spews forth a powerful poisonous spittle up to 30′ which kills on contact (no saving throw); the collective gaze of all 3 heads turns mortals to stone (one per round, saving throw applies). It attacks as a 16+ dice monster. Cerberus may only use one attack form per head per round. The creature regenerates 5 point per melee round.

Now, we’re not saying these guys are as powerful as Cerberus but you can use you own stats and powers dependent on your game system. They are basically fiends or demons that take the form of dog-like creatures and serve those allied to evil.

Excellent article on Hell Hound folklore here; https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Hellhounds_(folklore)

The Hell Hounds were sculpted by Adam Clayton and have integral bases.

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