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K3 Khamaí Command Set


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Product Description

The Khamaí command set consists of a general, two musicians and a standard bearer. Although the Khamaí are generally a disorganised bunch, they have of late become more focused on their unity… the depredations of the Tenoch have cost them dearly and, those that watch from the shadows, learn…

The Khamaí are a reptilian, chameleon-like race that infest the lands of the Culhuacan swamps. They sneak in hordes for safety in numbers as, individually, they are not very strong.

The Khamaí command set is sculpted by John Robertson and painted here by myself.

The Khamaí themselves are approximately 25mm in height when standing upright and are supplied without bases.

Please Note:
We supply all models unpainted.
Some models contain small parts and require assembly. 
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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