Keir Starmer – A New Hope?


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Keir Starmer as a Politico caricature… ready to stab your colleagues in the back? Ready to revisit the right side of Politics? Forget about Brexit, it’s the elephant in the room! Concentrate on those boat crossings and a bit of Boris bashing… oh, time to move on to Rishi! If you’ve a legal background, you can take things forward from the front! Remember, in the game of Politicopoly you need to kowtow to those in charge before you can get elected but, once in power, you can unleash the fury of your left wing agenda… or not. Remember; power corrupts! If this sounds like you then this is definitely the Politico for you! Get him whilst you can, coming to the one party state soon!

Keir Starmer as a Politico caricature – one of the tongue in cheek releases including well known politicians both new and old. Each figure is approximately 30mm in height. Sir Keir Starmer was sculpted by Steve Marchant.

If you want to read a little about the man himself, you can start on the WIKI;

The mini comes with it’s own integral base and is shown in some of the images mounted on a 30mm clear acrylic base which is available at the link below;

Please Note:
We supply all Politico gaming figures unpainted and without separate bases.
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.

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