Halfling Adventure Party



The Halfling adventure party is particularly suited to dungeon adventures due to their diminutive size and ability to sneak and pilfer. Many are the stories written about their exploits and surely there will be more to come.

These are 4 old school sculpts by Adam Clayton. They need a little tidying up and imaginative painting however they are truly characterful pieces. Solid based so suitable for the clear acrylic bases;


I’m currently painting a set of the Halfling adventure party and will update the images once they’re finished. They are approximately 22mm tall and, due to wearing boots, they could be used as (or, heaven forbid mistaken for!) dwarves…

Please Note:
We supply all gaming figures unpainted and without bases.
The models may contain small parts and also may require assembly. Some clean up may be required.
White metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead.