The Red Queen and her King



The Red Queen and her King… they ruled the central plains of Geründerland with brazen impunity – their card armies laying waste to her enemies of recent times. The Red Queen was often known as the Queen of Hearts for her propensity to eat those of her conquered foes. The Red King stood in her shadows, biding his time, ready to play in this world’s very own game of thrones. The new entrants to the game were worrying though… creatures they hadn’t seen before… savage Grotesques and humans girls… the child called Malice and her Toys servants… times were changing and they needed to adapt.

The Red Queen is approximately 43mm to her eyes so is ogre sized. The King is 25mm to his eyes. They are heavy castings (the Queen alone weighs in at 110g). The Red Queen and her King were sculpted by Martin Buck.

Please Note:
We supply all gaming figures unpainted and without bases.
The models may need a little cleaning up of flash/mould lines. 
It is important to realise white metal miniatures are not toys and contain lead so consequently they are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.


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